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Terms & Conditions

1. From the time of placing to removal, the skip is in the control and custody of the Hirer. During this time, the hirer is responsible for loss or damage to the skip, its paintwork, reflectors and any additional lamps or equipment. Loss or damage must be reported without delay to the owner, Country Mini Skips, and is chargeable at cost.

2. Positioning of the skip is the hirer’s responsibility and consideration should be given to safety whether the site is on public or private ground.

3. The hirer is responsible for damage arising from the weight of the skip and / or its load.

4. The hirer must not overfill the skip. All skips are to be loaded so they form level top with the sides of the skip. The owners reserve the right to refuse to remove an overfilled skip until the hirer reduces the contents. The owners also reserve the right to reduce the content of an overfilled skip themselves in order to allow safe transportation of the skip.

5. The hirer will not place hot materials or cause a fire to take place in the skip.

6. Under no circumstances whatsoever will the hirer use the skip for the disposal of putrescible, inflammable, explosive, noxious or dangerous matter, or materials of any description likely to cause danger to persons or animals either directly or indirectly by pollution of the atmosphere or the ground and any of its natural resources arising from its disposal by the owners, either on land in the ownership or occupation or any other land used for the aforesaid purpose.

7. Once a skip has been placed under no circumstances should the hirer move the skip unless it been agreed upon by the owners.

8. The location of the skip must comply with the permission. Alteration of the location will require a new permission before the skip is placed.

9. Our standard hire period is 14 days unless an extended hire period has been agreed upon by the owners and the hirer. Where arrangements for collection have not been made at the time of ordering, reasonable notice must be given by the hirer to allow collection, as soon as practicable after filling, and in any case before the expiry of the permission. Country Mini Skips reserve the right to collect a skip once the hire period has expired without the permission of the hirer.

10. If we are unable to deliver or collect a skip for any reason after arrangements for delivery or collection has been made, a wasted journey charge of £75 + VAT will be charged.

11. During use the hirer will keep the content of the skip damped down to prevent nuisance from dust and any spillage on the highway shall be immediately removed.

12. When delivering or collecting off the public highway it is possible that damage can occur to the ground surface of your property. If you ask us to proceed off the public highway, it must be clearly understood that it is at your request and your responsibility. Country Mini Skips accepts no liability for damage claims arising from vehicles delivering/collecting off the public highway.

13. Customers requesting or ordering vehicles delivering or collecting skips to leave the public highway shall reimburse us in full in respect of any loss, costs, claims, damages or expenses we may thereby sustain whether as a result of damage to the vehicles themselves or the property of customers or third parties, or cost of recovery of our own vehicles from inaccessible sites.

14. Legal liability of the hirer to members of public arising from the use of a skip in connection with any trade or business should be covered by insurance. Domestic users should check that their households policy is adequate to cover their own legal liability to the public.

15. If your skip requires a permit to stand on the road we will apply to the Highways Authority on your behalf. Before the permit expires we will contact you on the contact numbers provided to ascertain whether you require the renewal of the permit. If we receive no answer on any of the numbers provided we will collect the skip on the last day of the current permit. There will be no refunds or discounts for part filled skips. The Highways Authorities do not refund applications. Please allow at least 4 working days for a road permit to be granted. We cannot deliver a skip before the permit has been granted.